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Promociones Denia - La Sella
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Euribor January 2015

0.298 % on the 30 January 2015


Euribor January 2015

On the 30 January 2015 we have got 21 Euribor values, taking into account the total of days banks have been active. If January closes with this value, the average Euribor would be 0.298%, which means 0.264 points less compared with the Euribor of January last year.

How does this value affect mortgages?
If the Euribor closes at the end of January with an average value of 0.298%,  the monthly mortgage rate would be 14.07 Euros less for a mortgage of 120,000 euros with a period of 20 years and its annual revision being due in January.




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Euribor January 2015

0.298 % on the 30 January 2015

La Sella Golf Resort

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